Current group meeting times
  • Research: Wednesdays at 8PM over ZOOM.
  • Literature: Mondays at 5pm, Kenan Labs B528
  • 02.02.2021 The Miller Lab welcomes Katie Fossum as its newest member!
  • 11.31.2020 The Miller Lab welcomes Eamon Reynolds!
  • 10.31.2020 The Miller Lab welcomes its newest member: Kelsy Allard!
  • 10.17.2020 The Miller Lab goes pumpkin carving!
  • 10.05.2020 Check out Dr. Changho Yoo’s decarboxylation work which has been featured in an article on Chemistry world. Click here to read the article.
  • 10.01.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Changho Yoo for becoming a national research scientist in South Korea!
  • 10.01.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Tianfei Liu becoming a faculty research professor back in China!
  • 09.03.2020 Congratulations to Sebastian for passing his second year Oral Exam!
  • 08.27.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Camp for successfully defending his thesis. Good luck in your post doc!
  • 08.25.2020 Congratulations to Noah for passing his second year Oral Exam!
  • 05.08.2020 Congratulations to Dr. Scott Kolmar for securing a position as a data scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • 01.05.2020 Congratulations to Allison Smith and Isaac Cloward, the newest members of the Miller Lab!
  • 08.15.19 Check out Kelsey and Bethany’s paper in Organometallics!
  • 07.16.19 Congratulations for Dr. Ali Sullivan for successfully defending her thesis!
  • 04.25.19  Congratulations to Changho and Henry for the beautiful cover in ChemComm!!






  • 04.10.19  Check out Sergio’s paper in JACS!! The classic trans effect in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction!!
  • 04.06.17 Miller Group had a table at the UNC Science Expo!






  • 03.28.19  Congratulations to Eric who successfully passed his oral exams!








  • 03.06.19 Congratulations to Henry who successfully passed his oral exams!








  • 11.15.18 Welcome to the newest members of the Miller Lab, Noah and Sebastian!






  • 07.02.18 Congratulations to Dr. Jacob Smith who successfully defended his dissertation!







  • 06.14.18 Congratulations to Brian who won a poster award in the Third International Conference in Proton Coupled Electron Transfer!
  • 05.24.18 Congratulations to Dr. Javier Grajeda who successfully defended his dissertation!
  • 04.04.18 Congratulations to Dr. Kelsey Brereton who successfully defended her dissertation!

  •  03.07.18 Congratulations to Bethany who successfully passed her oral exams!
  • 11.15.17 Congratulations to Quenton who successfully passed his oral exams!







  • 05.23.17 Congratulations to Dr. Matt Kita who successfully defended his dissertation!
  • 05.02.17 Check out Kate’s paper in Organometallics using light and iridium methyl complexes to produce ethane!

  • 04.22.17 Miller Group had a table at the UNC Science Expo, demonstrating solar fuel storage and catalysis!
  • 04.12.17 The cat-ions are out of the bag! Check out Kita’s new paper featuring cation controlled olefin isomerization here!


  • 04.06.17 Brian and Quinton teamed up  with Dr. Faraj Hasanayn to explore reduction of ruthenium nitride complexes to ammonia in JACS!
  • 03.28.17 Javi presented an excellent 4th year talk, titled: “Synthesis, Reactivity, and Catalytic Applications in Alkene Functionalization of New Pincer Complexes”.  Afterwards the group celebrated with lunch at Bandido’s.
  • 03.23.17 Alex received the 2017 Organometallics Distinguished Author Award! Congratulations Alex!

  • 03.23.17 Congratulations to Dr. Kate Pitman for successfully defending her dissertation!

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  • 01.16.17 Welcome to the newest members of the Miller Lab, Bethany, Quinton, and Ann Marie!


  • 12.08.2016 Kelsey leads the Miller group contribution to a CENTC collaborative DFT study on aqueous hydricity. Our first paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B!


  • 11.10.17 A joint experimental-computational look at thermodynamic hydricity of bimetallic Ir/Ru complexes! Kelsey honed her DFT skills with a trip to North Texas to learn from computational Jedi Tom Cundari for this paper. Check it out in Inorganic Chemistry.


  • 10.01.2016 Matt, Dan, Kate, and Kyle have teamed up to untangle a new photochemical dihydrogen generation pathway, published in JACS!


  • 09.01.2016 Can lanthanum and lithium salts in the secondary coordination sphere lead the way to more efficient acetic acid synthesis? Lauren and the gang look at the key steps of in a pincer-crown ether system in Organometallics!


  • 08.10.2016 A labor of love: everything you ever wanted to know about transition metal hydricity, collected in Chemical Reviews. This was a fun collaboration with the amazing catalysis team at Pacific Northwest National Labs. Since Chemical Reviews doesn’t include photos in print anymore, we included them here!


  • 07.11.2016 Alex is featured in an Early Excellence Profile in the Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry!
  • 06.17.2016 Andrew’s paper, in collaboration with the Goldman group, is now online in Dalton Transactions! Read about how the net hydride loss from an iridium dihydride species was demonstrated by chemical and electrochemical methods. This is a key step on the way towards electrochemical alkane dehydrogenation.
  • 06.15.2016 Kate and Olivia’s paper showing cyclopentadiene-mediated hydride transfer is online in Chem. Commun. Also, check out the highlight of the work by Stephen Ritter in C&EN! Olivia, a summer undergrad who is going to do great things at her new position at Ecolab, made the engraved lab sign Kate and Alex are in front of!
  • 02.23.2016 Alex receives 2016 Sloan Research Fellowship!
  • 02.19.2016 Simon, Kate, and Alex’s paper is online in the Journal of Chemical Education! Read for a guide to deducing reaction mechanisms.
    Bowling 2
  • 02.15.2016 Kate and Kelsey’s paper is online in JACS! In the article, we report the hydride donor abilities—and the impact of the medium on them—for a family of iridium and ruthenium catalysts.Kate_hydricity
  • 02.11.2016 The Miller group receives an NSF CAREER grant!
  • 02.08.2016 Javier, Matt, Lauren, and Peter’s paper is featured on the cover of Organometallics!IMG_1507
  • 11.19.2015 Javier, Matt, Lauren, and Peter’s paper is online in Organometallics! We report the diverse reaction pathways of Ir(I) and Ir(III) carbonyl pincer-crown ether complexes with Lewis acidic metal cations.
  • 10.13.2015 Seth and Sam’s paper is online in ACS Catalysis! In the article, we report the ability and mechanism of iridium hydride complexes to catalytically dehydrogenate formic acid across a wide pH range using visible light irradiation to generate a pure stream of hydrogen gas.
    2015-10-13 17.08.27
  • 07.10.2015 Jacob’s paper is out in Organometallics! This mechanistic study shows that both neutral and cationic nickel complexes are viable pre-catalysts for cyanomethylation reactions.


  • 05.10.2015 Congratulations to Becca and Chris on their graduation!
  • 04.30.2015 Congratulations to Kelsey for passing her 2nd year exam!
  • 04.01.2015 Congratulations to Ali Sullivan, winner of a 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award!
  • 03.30.2014 Congratulations to Javier for passing his 2nd year exam!
  • 03.27.2014 Congratulations to Jacob for passing his 2nd year exam!
  • 02.04.2015 Andrew’s article is online in Chemical Science! We report rapid water oxidation by a ruthenium catalyst with an interesting tripodal ligand and impressive rates at basic pHs.
  • 11.25.2014 Second annual Miller Lab Thanksgiving is held, concurrent with fall group cleanup day! The group showed of its collective culinary talents with delicious potluck fare.
  • 10.22.2014 Welcome to Ali Sullivan (pictured in the middle below), newest member of the Miller lab!
  • 10.09.2014 Seth, Kate, and Andrew’s paper is online in JACS! In the article, we report the ability of an iridium hydride complex to perform hydride transfers under visible light irradiation with dramatic rate and product selectivity enhancements.
  • 10.02.2014 Matt’s article is online in JACSRead about how Matt is able to speed up and slow down hydrogen cleavage reactivity using alkali metal cations, thanks to our pincer-crown ether ligand.
  • KitaMiller_JACS_2014
  • 09.15.2014 Welcome aboard, Stewart Kerr (’15)!
  • 09.01.2014 The Miller group welcomes Cat Wood (’15), who will be working with Andrew.
  • 08.05.2014 Congratulations to Matt, winner of a 2014 Richard G. Hiskey Research Award!
  • 08.05.2014 Congratulations to Jacob, winner of a 2013-2014 Edminster Teaching Award!
  • 07.22.2014 Kate’s paper on molecular photoelectrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution arrives in ACS Catalysis! Check out the article, which reports that a single iridium complex can play the role of photosensitizer and electrocatalyst in an integrated photoelectrocatalysis scheme.

Kate and Alex after the ACS Catalysis paper is published.

  • 07.07.2014 Congrats to Matt, Jacob, and Javier, whose research was highlighted on Alex’s poster at the Organometallics Gordon Research Conference — and honored with a poster talk selection.
  • 05.19.2014 The Miller Lab welcomes Ariana Spentzos! Ariana is an undergraduate student visiting from Brown University as part of the CENTC Undergraduate Summer Research Program.
  • 05.05.2014 The new multi-reactor has arrived!

2014-05-19 18.02.15

  • 04.30.2014 The lab is awarded the James Moeser Award for Distinguished Research from the UNC University Research Council to support undergraduate research in photocatalysis.
  • 04.25.2014 Undergraduate Sam Slattery has won UNC’s Frieze Fellowship to support his summer research for two summers!
  • 04.10.2014 Kate Pitman is a 2014 International Precious Metal Institute (IPMI) Student Award winner! Way to go, Kate!
  • 04.01.2014 Congratulations to 1st year Javier Grajeda, winner of a 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award!!
  • 04.01.2014 Congratulations to 2nd year Kate Pitman, who received Honorable Mention in the NSF GRFP!
  • 02.07.2014 Back-to-back congratulations, as Matt also passed his 2nd year exam!
  • 02.06.2014 Congratulations to Kate for passing her 2nd year exam!
  • 01.07.2014 The Miller group welcomes Sam and Becca from UNC!
  • 10.15.2013. A big welcome to our three new members! Javier Grajeda, Kelsey Brereton, and Jacob Smith!

new member signs

  • 09.04.2013. The Miller group was looking for an experienced, enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher.
  • 09.03.2013 The Miller group welcomes UNC Junior Chris for research!
  • 08.10.2013. The First Annual Miller Group Camping Trip was a great success. Check out some pictures.
  • 08.06.2013. Hooray for Kate, winner of a 2013-2014 UNC Venable Fellowship!
  • 08.06.2013. Congratulations to Matt, winner of a 2012-2013 Steelman Teaching Award!
  • 06.10.2013. Olivia joins the group for the summer as part of the CENTC Undergraduate Summer Research Program.
  • 05.20.2013. The Miller group gets it’s first undergraduate researcher — welcome aboard, Josh!
  • 05.13.2013. Welcome to the Miller group, Seth!
  • 04.25.2013. Congratulations to Andrew for passing his 2nd year oral exam!

2013-04-28 16.35.01

  • 04.2013. The migration of the Miller Group  into beautiful, freshly renovated space in Kenan is underway.

2013-04-24 11.35.09

  • 12.2012. Alex is named to the Forbes “30 Under 30: Energy” list, along with some other young innovators.
  • 10.2012. Welcome to the group, Kate and Matt!
  • 08.2012. Congratulations to Andrew for winning the TA award!
  • 07.2012. First glovebox and vac line are delivered.
  • 07.2012. Incoming graduate student Matthew joins the group as a summer student.
  • 02.2012. Andrew joined the group. The Miller Group exists!